How We Report on CSR

This report serves as a record of our CSR performance highlights in 2015, focusing on areas that are material to our business and stakeholders. It is to be read in conjunction with CSR content on our website, which summarises more permanent aspects of our CSR narrative, such as (a) key inputs and outputs of our business, (b) initiatives we pursue to tackle our responsibilities, and (c) materiality, reporting scope and CSR governance.

Our sustainability initiatives are guided by broad strategic objectives that relate to:

  • workplace and business practices (human capital)
  • environmental stewardship (natural capital)
  • community engagement (social & relationship capital)

They also relate to corporate governance which we address separately in the governance section of this report.

Our CSR reporting follows the Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Reporting Guide of The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited (the “Stock Exchange”), and draws on the guidelines and principles of the International Integrated Reporting Council’s International Framework, the United Nations’ Global Compact and GRI’s sustainability guidelines.

We have measured and tracked key aspects our CSR performance for several years and we are on track to meeting the Guide’s disclosure requirements as they roll out over the next few years.

Where to find our CSR materials and performance data

Workplace & Community

Working Conditions

General Disclosure statement  
  • Total workforce by employment
  • Employee turnover
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Health and Safety

General Disclosure statement
  • Number and rate of work related injuries
  • Lost days due to work injury
  • Description of occupational health and safety measures adopted

Development and Training

General Disclosure statement   
  • Percentage of employees trained by category
  • Average training hours per employee

Labour Standards

General Disclosure statement
  • Description of measures to review employment practices
  • Description of steps taken to eliminate such practices when discovered

Supply Chain Management

General Disclosure statement
  • Number of suppliers
  • Description of practices related to engaging suppliers

Anti Corruption

General Disclosure statement
  • Number of legal cases regarding corrupt practices
  • Description of preventative measures and whistle blowing

A: None

Community Investment

General Disclosure statement
  • Focus areas of contribution
  • Resources contributed



General Disclosure statement
  • Type of emissions and data                   
  • GHG emissions in total tonnes
  • Hazardous waste produced
  • Total non-hazardous waste produced                                                
  • Measures to mitigate emissions
  • Handling of waste and reduction initiatives

Use of Resources

General Disclosure statement
  • Direct/Indirect energy consumption
  • Water consumption
  • Energy efficiency measures

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